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Self-powered dual power wiring requirements
  Published:2013-10-25   Publisher:Langming Electrical (Popularity: )
This paper describes the self-powered dual power (mainly for backup power generator) wiring requirements and precautions, more dual-power model, size and price information, please contact us.
1、Self-powered dual power, dual power and common power supply and standby power supply and operating mechanism should be installed on the same power distribution room;
2、Dual power when used in low voltage power supply, at its end into the line (including the zero line), should be installed four pole double-throw knife, such as dual power feed line point too far away, the cable should be used for wiring to prevent accidental contact with electrical equipment caused the power to send down;
3、When two power applied to high voltage power supply, the power supply side switch in its mechanical interlock devices should be used whenever possible;
4、Such as the reliability of power supply have special requirements, can be electrical locking manner to ensure that only one power supply input;
5、Such as the use of standby power generators, no longer the same time using the mains power supply as a backup power supply. Distant locations such as generators installed, cabling should be prohibited in connection with a knife before double throw any electrical equipment. As for the high-voltage power supply, the power supply due to be based on the rated capacity of the generator, only part of the plant or security equipment, backup power lines should be strictly separated from the common power supply line erection, erection or may not be a parallel hybrid junction. Power should be installed between the two double-throw knife conversion power.

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