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Electrical fire monitoring system Common Faults and exclusion
  Published:2013-10-25   Publisher:Langming Elecrrical (Popularity: )
1、Turn on the control system power when in use, electric fire detectors without display
Analysis of reasons: no power supply voltage three-phase line, the product of internal power system failure
Solution: Check the input power supply is working properly and the correct wiring, such as the exclusion of the failure is still no display, replace the product.
2、During use, electric fire detectors suddenly tripped, the display no display, LED is off
Analysis of reasons: system power failure inside the product or the product of internal control system failure
Treatment methods: direct replacement products.
3、RS-485 communication failure
Analysis of reasons: Communication shielded cable is damaged or there is a strong electromagnetic interference nearby.
Solution: Check the communication shielded cable is intact bad check and remove the source of interference.
4、After prolonged use, the LCD display is not clear
Analysis of reasons: Electrical fire monitoring detector installation site have direct sunlight burns LCD screen.
Approach: take shelter measures or replacement.
5、External control port failure occurs when abnormal use
Analysis of reasons: external control port wiring is damaged, loose terminal or terminal is not inserted in place
Solution: Check Repair
6、After the product segment, not closing
Might be to use a remote trip breaking or product in the state
7、Products at the rear, the LCD monitor can not display correctly
Analysis of reasons: the product of the cut in the tripped state, the liquid crystal display to keep the data breaking time. Or breaking due to strong electromagnetic interference when.
Treatment: Push down the handle so that institutions incur, on or off the control power after re-open after self-control power to make the product into the normal monitoring status. LCD monitors into the dynamic display current data.

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