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Dual power automatic switch power transmission before the test
  Published:2013-10-25   Publisher:Langming Electrical (Popularity: )
Dual power automatic switch after installation is complete, you need to perform a functional test prior to transmission, according to the order for the power to check the operation manual operation and electrical operation of these three. Engineering staff prior to implementation sure to understand the function of all the additional features dual power supplies and operations, and read over the meaning of its roadmap.

One、Power Checker
1. Verify that all power cable is coupled to the correct terminals.
2. Double check the nameplate on the annotation of the power supply voltage products is consistent with the common power line voltage and standby power.
3. Closed common power circuit breakers, with a voltmeter to check the common power-bit input voltage, confirm the common power supply is normal.
4. Closed standby power circuit breakers, check backup power input voltage with a voltmeter position, if necessary, activate the standby power generator, make sure the standby power is normal.
5. Check the power supply phase sequence, the standby power supply should be consistent with the usual phase sequence.
6. Close standby generator, the generator control switch in the "自动 / Auto" position.

Two、Manual operation test
1. Under the common power supply and standby power is not provided electrical isolation of cases, do not be manually operated. Please turn it on before operating the two-way power circuit breaker operating handle supplied mainly to provide for maintenance purposes,
2. Referring to product brochures, take the right mode of operation depending on the rated current.
3. Dual power panel in accordance with the operating position to move the operating handle, then the dual power switch should be able to operate smoothly, if hinder please review whether damaged bodies or debris removal debris falling therein.
4. The dual power supply side of the ATSE response to commonly used, remove the operating handle.

Three、Electrical operation test
1. Close the control cabinet door, and make sure the generator can work again and put "自动 / Auto" position。
2. Press the operation switch on the door, and remain in this state for about 15 seconds, until the activation and operation of the engine, when the "Timer N / E" delay termination, dual power automatic transfer switch will automatically switch to standby power side door indication at this time light "standby power" lights.
3. When normal power supply back to normal, after a delay of "Timer E / N", the dual power automatic transfer switch will automatically be converted to a common power supply side, then the door indicator light "common power" once again illuminated.

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